You are worth your time.

We’re feeling inspired here at THE STUDIO by M and wanted to share…

When it comes to moving your body, moving your soul, moving your mind; when it comes to changing, growing, learning; when it comes to becoming stronger, faster, better; there is only ONE thing you have to remember: YOU ARE WORTH YOUR TIME.

It doesn’t matter if you do Pilates or take STUDIObarre classes or run or meditate or walk or just breathe – all that matters is that you give yourself time. Because you’re worth it.

Stop for a moment and think about it this way. How much time to you give to your work in a week? How much time do you give to your family in a week? How much time do you give to volunteering? How much time do you give to your friends?

Add all of that up.

Have you got that?

Now – imagine if you gave yourself just ONE hour a day. That’s it. Seven hours a week. It doesn’t even have to be all at once. Fifteen minutes here, thirty there, etc. And no – eating, sleeping, and commuting don’t count. These are sixty mindful minutes just for you.

Divide your seven hours by the amount of hours you calculated above. Seems minimal right? Right.

So why do we insist on telling ourselves that we are not worth even that much time?

Do you have the answer to that question – because I sure as heck don’t. In the past, I have been just as guilty. My excuses have ranged from I just don’t have the time to I’m too tired to an outright “I can’t”. But none of these are true. We create our reality, we choose our jobs, we make our schedules. We don’t HAVE to do anything.

So here is my goal for all of you who care to listen: Make time for you. Even if it’s only 30 minutes a day to start. Because you are worth it. Because you deserve your love and attention and dedication just as much as everything else in your life. And when you start to give yourself the time, things will start to change – fast.

See you at THE STUDIO!



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