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Engage. Play. Explore Movement. Be a Badass.
Pilates | Cycle | Barre | Pranassage for everybody and all bodies. 

At The Studio, we have a deep-rooted passion and desire to move, grow, play, and explore any modality that helps to bring out your inner BADASS. Focusing on education of proper alignment, deep stabilizer and spinal strengthening, and uniformly developing the body as a whole, we guide you to find the strength and connection to yourself so that every workout is more effective and pain-free.

The more we explore and connect to our bodies; the more we move through and become comfortable with our bodies; the more we explore, connect, and become comfortable with who we are and who we want to become.

M (or Em if you prefer) is a classically trained Pilates instructor, Pranassage practitioner, queer person, amateur kayaker, Prenatal yoga instructor, dad-joke teller, Barre instructor, Cycle instructor, and let’s just say an all-around movement enthusiast. As the owner of The Studio, they hope to create a community – a culture of badasses. Of people who do the work – inside and out – to grow together. A space that, through movement, people support and encourage each other to work on whatever makes their hearts, minds, and bodies burst with excitement, happiness, and pride. A space where people can move and breathe on their terms for only their terms; because everybody is unique and beautiful and deserves individualized attention.

Most importantly, The Studio strives to cultivate a community and create a space that is INCLUSIVE, INVITING, and WELCOMING of all bodies.

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