Passively experience the benefits of yoga.

Pranassage is a creative synthesis of bodywork and yoga that produces deep relaxation to nurture the body and mind. The recipient is passive. The therapist manipulates the recipient through a series of full body movements which stretch, massage, and nurture your body. This work opens up the flow of blocked energy, stimulating circulation to nourish the muscles and bones.

Beneficial for everyone from athletes looking to “unwind” muscle fatigue, gain greater joint mobility, and flexibility, as well as the busy professional looking to learn how to let go, relax, and get out of their head and into their body. Group or one on one sessions are always an awakening experience for both new and experienced yoga practitioners.

Pranassage is done on the floor on comfortable mats and blankets. The receiver should come in long pants (sweats/yoga pants) and a long sleeve shirt.

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