About “M”

Certified Pilates/Barre Instructor

Pranassage Practitioner

Emilie or “M” is a certified classical method Pilates instructor, Barre instructor, and Pranassage Practitioner with a love for all things active. With passion and an eye for detail, her excitement and enthusiasm for teaching pushes her clients to find strength they didn’t know they were capable of. Having worked with all walks of life, body types, and ages, she focuses on educating her clients on proper alignment, deep stabilizer and spinal strengthening, and uniformly developing the body as a whole so that every workout is more effective.

At The Studio, M strives to create an experience that awakens your inner strength as well as your inner peace. Through alignment strengthening Pilates, body changing Barre, and deep centering Pranassage, M offers an all encompassing regimen to create true health – both inside and out.

Outside of teaching, Emilie enjoys staying active by biking, hiking, kayaking, yoga, and dancing whenever and where ever the mood strikes her.

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